FREE Aqua Source Benching/Measuring Tape with 10kg Wheatgerm purchases

All purchases of 10kg Aqua Source Wheatgerm koi food will receive a FREE Benching/Measuring tape while stocks last. 

If your favourite summer feed is running low, it might make sense to switch to Wheatgerm rather than buying another bag of summer feed and wasting it.

At the same time, it would be the ideal time to check over your koi to make sure you are not entering winter with any issues. For a lot of hobbyists this would be an opportunity to check on the growth of you koi. 

With this tape, you can measure up to 1 metre in length, and it includes the BKKS size markers too. 

If you require nets and bowls to inspect your koi, we supply the entire range of nets and socks from Aqua Source Products. 



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