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Koi Health

Do you have koi health problems?

Kitsu Koi are experienced in koi health. With over 30 years experience keeping koi and almost 20 of those as a professional koi dealer we have the knowledge and skills to investigate your koi health issues and provide a solution. 

Koi Health - Home Visits

For a lot of issues, especially for beginners and new customers, a koi health home visit is most appropriate when investigating koi health issues. We bring our microscope and digital water testing equipment and carry out checks, usually for a fixed fee (depending on location, and work to be carried out). 

While on site we can advise on pond conditions and set up, and give hints and tips based on our experience over the years. We carry a full range of treatments, so most issues can be solved in one visit. 

Koi Health - Shop Services

We offer full water testing at our premises, and can examine mucus samples (How to Take a Mucus Sample/Scrapes) under our binocular microscope. Using our iDip Digital photometer we can accurately diagnose water quality issues, and from our fully stocked retail premises, we can supply all the products you make need to correct any problems. 


Our laboratory quality binocular microscope can be connected to our monitor so not only can we identify any parasites that may be affecting you fish, but we can educate on their appearance and behaviour. We carry a range of treatments from Kusuri, NT Labs, Colombo, and Evolution Aqua to eradicate any parasites your koi may be carrying. 

Shops stock of fish treatments and medication

Under no circumstances do we allow fish to be brought on to the premises, due to our strict biosecurity policy and measures.