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AEM OA-30 Combi Drum Filter

OA-30 Specification

Drum filter unit:
3x 110mm PP connector IN
2x 110mm PP connector OUT
diameter drum: 38x40 cm
Materials used: PP, INOX 316, Seal ring FPM,  high-pressure PVC,  silicone sealing, drum
Screen panels High flow: 70 micron STAINLESS STEEL 316
Control cabinet:
IP 44
Manual control push button
min. control (max. 1000w)

interne High pressure pump

1e bio chamber / moving bed: (bio-filter)
size: 80x66x100 cm
floor/water level: 82 cm
medium content: 100 ltr K1 (not included)
Up/down flow
Air diffuser
Lid 2x

General specification:
30 m3/u flow
Up/down flow moving bed
Total size: 160x66x100cm (82cm = bottom/water level)

All components: modules, quickly changeable
CE Declaration
2 year warranty on all parts (ex. screen elements)

This item is made to order, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

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