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Alltech Coppens

Alltech Coppens Koi Grower


Grower is a complete floating grower feed with a higher protein level to promote growth. The right Protein/energy (P/E) ratio not only gives a good growth and muscle development but also helps to keep the right shape.

Feeding advice from: 15 ºC You can use Grower to grow show koi to large sizes. within 5 minutes. Remove uneaten feed from the pond in case of overfeeding. At water temperatures below 10 ºC koi have a reduced appetite and slow digestion, therefore feed accordingly. Don't feed koi if the water temperature is below 5 ºC.

  • Flavoured with insect meal
  • Contains omega-3 rich algae
  • High in protein level for growth
  • Highly palatable
  • Rich in essential amino acids
  • Correct protein and energy level to retain good shape


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