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Colombo Morenicol Lernex Pro Food - 800g

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Morenicol Lernex-Pro Food- Lernex-Pro Food is developed for the treatment of skin and gill flukes on ornamental fish, in which no water treatment is possible, e.g. big ponds. With Lernex-Pro Food it is still possible to get the antihelminthics at relative low costs where they will be effective, namely in the fish.

Lernex-Pro Food is based on the most recent scientific knowledge and contains high quality antihelminthics like Nitroscanate, Praziquantel and Flubendazole, against which no resistance has been build up yet. Therefore, Lernex-Pro Food is effective against all kinds of skin flukes (Gyrodactylus) and gill flukes (Dactylogyrus). The presence of these parasites can only be determined with a microscope. Symptoms of an infection with these parasites include listlessness, chafing and reduced appetite.

Dosage: Lernex-Pro Food has to be fed 2 times a day for 2 weeks. Feed as much as the fish eat within 5 min, remove uneaten food. Lernex-Pro food is a complete fish feed and contains all necessary nutrients. In addition Lernex-Pro food contains a high concentration of β-glucans, pre- and probiotics for the stimulation of the immune system.

Naturally this aids in the recovery of your fish after the illness. Ensure an optimal pond aeration during treatment, so that your fish have sufficient oxygen available at all times. For an optimal effect of the treatment and for a quick recovery of the diseased fish, a good water quality is essential. Hence, always test the water quality before and after the treatment, and correct when necessary.

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