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Filtreau Mini Drum Filter for Koi Ponds

Affordable Filtreau Drum Filter for koi ponds at Kitsu Koi!

Drum filters are low maintenance filters that work by trapping debris behind a 70 micron screen, and backwashing using a pressure pump to blast the screen clean. 

Flushing pump and submersible UV included. 

  • compact
  • easy to install
  • incl. Amalgam 40Watt UVC lamp

The Superdrum Mini is a low maintenance pre-filter system that provides healthy, clear water, without the user having to perform daily maintenance. The sophisticated system comes standard with an Amalgam UV-C lamp.

The built-in UV-C Module ensures crystal clear water. The sophisticated design and high quality materials result in high intensity UV-C radiation with a wavelength of exactly 253.7 nm.  The UV-C radiation also keeps the screen panel free of both biofilm and algae growth.


  • Gravity fed
  • Input: 2 x inlets 110mm
  • Output:l x outlet 110 mm
  • Used materials: PA, stainles steel / 316, FPM seal, high pressure PVC, -silicone seal
  • flow: 20m3
  • Diameter drum: 38x40 cm
  • Gearbox: 27Nm ,Slip clutch
  • Screen panels: 70 micron stainless steel 316
  • Flat jet nozzles
  • Control box IP 44
  • Manual control puch button
  • Spray bar: high-pressure PVC 40bar
  • Lid
  • All components: modules, quickly changeable
  • Body dimensions: 79x48x54cm (total length 79cm incl. waste collector)
  • GE declaration
  • 2 year warranty on all parts (ex. screen elements)
  • Incl. Amalgam 40watt UVC lamp
  • hours counter / replace message
  • Ce approval UVC/Drum body