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Kitsu Koi

Koi Health - Home Visit


If you don't have the confidence, knowledge, or skills to carry out your own diagnostics on your koi and pond health, then why don't you book our Koi Health - Home Visit service? 

Our home visits can be arranged at a time to suit yourselves (daylight permitting) and usually take around 1 hour to complete. Check our maps for your location and price band, then add to basket. Once your order is confirmed, our team will contact you to book your appointment.

We follow a process during your home health visit which will include:

  • A quick review of your pond setup
  • Checking through your average maintenance schedule with you
  • Diagnosis and investigation of issues raised - Digital water testing and mucus sample examination under a microscope. 
  • Recommendations for remedying issues raised
  • Treatment Plan
    • If this requires a particular medication or product we carry the majority of these on our van for these visits and will tailor quantities to cater to your stated pond volume. You will then have the option to purchase these from us during the visit.
  • Maintenance plan
    • We typically carry the most common maintenance products on our van for a health visit so that you have the option to purchase these from us to cater to a wide variety of situations and to keep your pond and fish in ideal conditions and help prevent potential future issues.

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