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ProBites Chlorella 3kg

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ProBites WS-Chlorella Dry is a new generation koi food originally developed for breeders and dealers. The emphasis is on growth, improvement of skin quality and mucus layer and intensive mild support of coloration. Especially indoors! This is achieved by using a mix of high quality body identical proteins in combination with Chlorella.

Chlorella contains up to 5 percent chlorophyll. Chlorophyll strengthens the intestines, cleanses the blood and has antibacterial and antifungal properties. The Chlorella Growth Factor(CGF) improvestheabilityto repairtissuesandhas a beneficial effect on the intestinal flora.

Thanks to the high content of chlorophyll , Chlorella facilitates the digestion of nutrients such as proteins and inhibits the growth of unwanted bacteria. Chlorella makes the blood more powerful, it helps to maintain calcium levels and improves the absorption of iron which is involved in the transport of oxygen in the blood. Chlorella strengthens the immune system and supports recovery after illness and medication.

The high quality body identical proteins in ProBites WS-Chlorella are very well utilised and result in very good growth. The fresh Chlorella, Kelp and pure Montmorillonite clay provide a generous supply of minerals and trace elements that gives koi a beautiful shine, intense colors and a crystal clear healthy mucus layer.

Average analysis ProBites WS-Chlorella:

Crude protein 41%   Derived from fish, pre-digested fish protein, freeze dried crustaceans, shellfish, and a variety of vegetable sources.

NPU 67%   (NPU = Net Protein Utilisation)

Crude fat 8%   (only the best cold pressed oils and fats)

Carbohydrates 34%   (of which sugar 2,1%) Slow carbohydrates with a minimum of sugar and a low glycemic value.

Crude fibre 4%

Ash 10%

Moisture max. 10%


Grain and grain(by)products, fish meal, pre-digested fish protein, sea weed meal, yeast, paprika powder, chlorella, fish oil, vegetable oils, calcium iodate, plant extract.

No colorants or preservatives added.


Additives per kilo:

Vitamin A: 15.000 IE, Vitamin B1: 10 mg, Vitamin B2: 20 mg, Vitamin B6: 20 mg, Vitamin B12: 200 µg, Vitamin C: 350 mg, Vitamin D: 2.000 IE, Vitamin E: 200 mg, Vitamin K3: 5 mg, Niacin: 200 mg, Biotin: 1 mg, Folic acid: 10 mg, D-Pantothenic acid: 50 mg, Selenium 0,20 mg (Natriumselenite), montmorillonite clay 30 gr.


Suitable for water temperatures of 59+ F (15+ C)

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