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ProBites Summer Mix 3kg

Introducing our new ProBites™ Summer-Mix. A very popular combination of ProBites™ Summer with ProBites™ Color-Boost. One handy mix that provides both growth and pigment support and may be fed unlimited once the pond temperature exceed 59º F (15º C).

The optimal protein/fat balance of this mix supports the increased energy demands needed for conversion to muscle mass and rapid growth. Fortified with extra calcium, this mix enhances skeletal structure needed to support muscle mass and linear growth. The multitude of vitamins and minerals stimulates slime cell production and improves the general condition of the skin. The presence of our Concentrated Color Formula™ supports the pigment cells and thereby improves Red (Hi) Black (Sumi) as well as the White (Shiro).

Average analysis ProBites Summer-Mix™


Crude protein 42%   Derived from fish, pre-digested fish protein, krill and a variety of vegetable sources.

NPU 69%   (NPU = Net Protein Utilisation)

Crude fat 10%   (only the best cold pressed oils and fats)

Carbohydrates 28%   (of which sugar 1,4%) Slow carbohydrates with a minimum of sugar and a low glycemic value.

Crude fibre 2%

Ash 11%

Moisture max. 10%


Grain(by)products, fish meal, pre-digested fish protein, krill, sea weed meal, fish oil, yeast, vegetable oils, paprika powder, calcium iodate, chlorella, natural astaxanthin, plant extract.

No colorants or preservatives added.

Additives per kilo:

Vitamin A: 15.000 IE, Vitamin B1: 10 mg, Vitamin B2: 20 mg, Vitamin B6: 20 mg, Vitamin B12: 200 µg, Vitamin C: 350 mg, Vitamin D: 2.000 IE, Vitamin E: 200 mg, Vitamin K3: 5 mg, Niacin: 200 mg, Biotin: 1 mg, Folic acid: 10 mg, D-Pantothenic acid: 50 mg, Selenium 0,20 mg (0,44 mg Natriumselenite), montmorillonite clay 300 mg.


ProBites Summer-Mix™ is suitable for water temperatures of 59+ F  (15+ C) and higher. Medium (6 mm) floating pellets.

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