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Red Label Protein Skimmer

The Red Label Protein Skimmer will remove organic waste (including food waste, dead leaves, etc.) that gets in the pond, consists of large amino acid chains, also called protein.

Red Label Protein Skimmer separate’s these proteins from the pond water.

The dirt in the pond from bacteria and enzymes break down into small particles, so small that the protein eventually dissolves into the water.

A mechanical filter can not remove these particles. A protein skimmer removes them before they are broken down further into more harmful substances (ammonium, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate etc.). Proteins assemble at the interface between air and water. 

The water is mixed with air through a venturi system. Then the water / air mixture is spread over Hel-X filter media. This increases the surface area, causing the protein to form a solid foam.

The foam is finally stripped from the pond water and dispersed from a 40mm outlet.

It will remove proteins and other substances such as dyes.

  • Measurements L x W x H 665 x 320 x 942 mm
  • Maximum flow 6.500 liter
  • Inlet 1 x 1” 32 mm
  • Outlet 1 x 50 mm