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Yume Koi Japan Mud Pond Challenge

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Imagine the Yume Koi Japan huge mud pond easily capable of raising 400 tosai through to nisai, but only stocked to a quarter of that capacity, with jumbo female tosai from popular Hiroshima and Kyushu breeders.

This year, the koi come from Takigawa, Matsue, Okawa, Ueno, Omosako, Sakai Co, and Tamaura.

Imagine these fish having potential that we believe will still excite you from
Nisai onwards.

And then imagine the prizes of

  • 1st Prize of 300.000 yen
  • 2nd Prize 200.000 yen
  • 3rd Prize of 100.000 yen
  • plus ten bonus prizes

Well imagine no further because we are aiming to make your dreams become reality here at Yume Koi Japan!

The emphasis is on fun and learning, so we are keeping the entry/draw price to 120.000yen, so it's up to you to carefully choose the ones that you think will become more special as they grow bigger!

We have a limited avaialability on these fish as it's open to YKJ dealers in other countries. The 2021 event was fantastic, 2022 should be even better!

How does it work?

Purchase a ticket above for £960, and then download the entry form. You will need to make a list of your favorite Koi from 1 ~ 30 (or more if there are others you would be happy to have). We will then do a lucky draw to decide who gets which Koi. You will get the first available fish on your list.

For photos of all the entries, please click here.

Please also take a look at the movies of the Koi swimming in the mud pond. to help you make your choices as the Koi have grown and developed more since the original photos. Some fish that you might underestimate' may well surprise you!

In the Autumn. after harvesting the judging will be undertaken by Takigawa-san. and myself in order to decide the winners.

The entry price of 120,000yen will be subject to local taxes that your dealer will need to charge depending on your country of location. This price includes keeping fees until this Autumn harvest season.

  • If a Koi turns out to be male. it can be cancelled and refunded if you wish.
  • We will guarantee only against death. or if the Koi cannot be identified when harvested because of complete loss of pattern.
  • In the unlikely event of a natural disaster we cannot guarantee.

The draw will take place on August 13th (Saturday), after which we will inform you of the draw results. We will also upload a movie of the draw shortly afterwards (available on Yume Koi Japan and copied to Kitsu Koi social media).


The price here is the purchase price of the fish and mud pond fees only. Shipping and handling will be charged after the event completes, and at this point we couldn't possibly give an exact figure for this. However, for the 2021 event, the shipping and handling amounted to £223 per fish. With the increase in frieght, at this moment in time, we estimate the shipping to be circa £300.