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2018 February Japan Trip Day 2

by Chris Thomas February 07, 2018 1 min read

2018 February Japan Trip Day 2 - Kitsu Koi

I woke up in a buying mood... and it started well. 

The first stop of the day was to be Marudo, I did fancy looking at tosai here to satisfy some of our stock needs, however the morning started with a look in the bigger ponds. First we had to clear the snow! 

Marudo breeds excellent Chagoi, Karashigoi, and Yamabuki as well as amazing Go Sanke. Marudo took Grand Champion at the 2017 Nagaoka show, and the 2017 Nogyosai with Kohaku. He is also one of the largest koi farms in the area. 

Once I had enough fish in the bowl, I wanted to check the quality and sex of the fish. All are female, around 52-57cm 

I picked up Chagoi, Karashigoi, Kabuto, and Yamabuki here, before moving on to Masaki to get our selected tosai. 

The pond was netted, and the selection process started. The pond was heavy with Asagi, but also contained Shusui, Kohaku, Goshiki, Beni Kumonryu, and Kujaku. 

After Masaki we called in at a breeder I bought from in October, Marusho. Nothing really caught my eye at a price I thought was sensible to bring home for retail sale although there were still many amazing fish to be had.

Finally we stopped at Kaneko, a few fish were netted but nothing purchased on this occasion. I was hoping to buy the Tancho Kujaku that were on display at the AJKS in the Kaneko sale vat, but they had gone to one dealer. 

Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas

Chris has been keeping koi for over 25 years, and dealing in koi for 15 years. Travelling to Japan to select new stocks is the favourite aspect of the business, closely followed by being on the tools pond building.

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