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2018 February Japan Trip Day 5

2018 February Japan Trip Day 5

After poor weather stopped play on Day 4, today needed to be good. I wanted some koi for a Grow and Show for the shop, and also needed something fo...
2018 February Japan Trip Day 4

2018 February Japan Trip Day 4

Opening the curtains, I was greeted with a dark looking Nagaoka city scene. We had a fair snowfall over night and it wasn't stopping. Heading off d...
2018 February Japan Trip Day 3

2018 February Japan Trip Day 3

The alarm went off at 5am this morning. 5am! Most dealers/agents/hobbyists will start around 8am if you are keen and 9am is quite normal.  Our plan...

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Absolutely brilliant 
Says it all fast and prompt with help and advice and a good place to go

P. Jones

Another great shop and person in the community in Chris with Kitsu Koi. Ensured everything was OK with the order and really appreciated the business, classy.

D. Barry

Bought 5 new koi from Kitsu Koi yesterday and they are stunning. Extremely helpful and well priced. Thank you very much.

M. Tipton

One of the best stocks Japanese koi and supplies. Definately a must for any koi keepers !!

P. Tingle

Great advice, highly recommend, thanks for a great price on the food

D. Linton