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At Kitsu Koi we take the health of our koi very seriously and even more so the risks of introducing anything to our customers ponds. That is why all direct imports from Japan are quarantined for a minimum period of 6 weeks and heat ramped twice to give peace of mind that everything has been done to expose any stress related viruses. Koi are routinely checked for parasites at this stage so that following our strict quarantine period, the koi are fighting-fit and ready for their new home. 

Eliminating risks starts in Japan. We only buy from Shinkokai members, which are regularly tested for KHV/SVC. Fish are shipped from Japan to Heathrow and come directly to our premises, avoiding contact with any existing stocks at holding facilities. 

On arrival, the fish will be placed in to the ponds held at 14c and left to settle for a few days. Once they have recovered from their long journey, the temperature will be raised to 24c. This is called heat ramping and is one way of exposing any presence of KHV. To make sure that we didn't get lucky (or unlucky?), the koi will be kept at 24c for 14days, before the temperature is dropped back down to 12c. The process is repeated once more to reduce the chances of a 'false negative'. 

Heat ramped koi for sale

After the quarantine period, the koi will be moved to their correct sales ponds, carefully managing temperatures to ensure the koi are gradually lowered down to ambient temps (depending on season/weather) ready for sale. 

Kitsu Koi is authorised by CEFAS Fish Health Inspectorate under the Aquatic Animal Health (England and Wales) Regulations 2009, and is deemed biosecure. 

For more information on KHV, 

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