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Koi Clubs 

The British Koi Keepers Society

The homepage for the UK's largest koi society. You will find the latest information on the National Koi Show, local clubs, and BKKS events.

The Yorkshire Koi Society 

The Yorkshire Koi Society is a completely independent Society, the way it has been since it was first founded in 1975. The Yorkshire Koi Society website is a popular koi forum (a place where people communicated before Facebook!) and gateway to the club membership. 

Yorkshire Section of the BKKS

The Yorkshire Section of the BKKS hold a closed show each year, and monthly meetings. Their website is full of resources, as well as information on how to join.

Witham Valley Koi Society

This is the hub of our Lincoln based, active, social and hungry for knowledge Koi club which is currently actively seeking new members to show that the koi hobby is alive and kicking in Lincolnshire.

Koi Breeders 

Sakai Fish Farm 

Sakai Fish Farm is one of the most famous koi farms in the world. Producing seriously high class show quality Kohaku and Sanke. You will find information on the history of the farm, which is over 120 years old, as well as latest auction details, and detailed information of parent koi and bloodlines. 


Okayama Momotaro is another immense koi farm in size and history, supplying major winners at the All Japan Koi Show and many other koi shows. Specialising in Kohaku, Sanke, and Showa, and recently Gin Rin Kohaku. Check the website for auction details and their Bakki shower filter systems.