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September 15, 2017 1 min read

Although the winter season is fast approaching, we are still looking at new, high quality products to bring to our customers.

Bakki showers are widely regarded as excellent filters for biological filtration due to their flow of water and high oxygen availability for the denitrifying bacteria. They also aerate the water to the point of saturation dependant on height and flow rate. 

We have chosen to supply the Evolve Shower Filters, made by Bespoke Pond Solutions here in the UK. Fabricated from heavy duty solid plastic sheet, they are plastic welded to a high standard. They are supplied in two sizes, and come complete with a pre-drilled spray bar and lid. 

They are supplied as bare units, or complete with Sakura Far Infrared Shower Media, as used here at Kitsu Koi. 

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