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2023 Hoshikin Grow & Show Finale

by Chris Thomas September 22, 2023 3 min read

2023 Hoshikin Grow & Show Finale - Kitsu Koi

Hard to be believe we are almost at the end of September! That means two things - It's almost Christmas, and it's time to bring an end the 2023 Hoshikin Grow & Show. 

We hope everyone had a great season this year, considering the weather, and that you are all pleased with your fish. 

For anyone reading this blog post that didn't enter, let me tell you about the fish we chose for the Grow & Show. Each year we make several trips to Japan to select koi for our shop, often accompanied by customers as we were this year. In February, the focus for us is to select koi for the spring and summer season, focusing on smaller koi, and trying to get as much variety as possible. The timing is also perfect for the All Japan Koi Show, the biggest and best koi show in the world. 


Group photo of koi hobbyists in Japan
Koi hobbyist group photo at Maruhiro Koi Farm
Tokyo Tower viewed from Zojo-ji


We visited Hoshikin Koi Farm and explained to Katsuyuki Hoshino exactly what we were looking for, and the farm staff began netting a pond. A sample was scooped and placed in a bowl, and then it was down to details. We selected 40 Kohaku from a pond containing over 1000 koi, trying to select koi that were close in terms of quality and size. I think this was achieved, as the entry forms I received were completely different in most cases.



For the competition, we made 30 tickets available, so that if you were unlucky in the draw, then you had at least 11 fish to choose from. The draw was made and fish were collected in April after 8 weeks of quarantine. 

So back to the present. We need to collect photos and/or video of your entrant for judging. We need to receive your photos/videos by the 10th October 2023. Final judging results will be published on 31st October 2023. 

To make your phone/video

  • Please use a blue koi bowl
  • Try to reduce glare - use an umbrella, or film on a cloudy day
  • If the fish is very lively, then a 1/4 dose of sedate is enough to calm the fish down

Once you have made your video, you can send it in via WhatsApp or Facebook. 

The winner of the Grow & Show will win a £250 Kitsu Koi Gift Card, and a free entry in to the 2024 Grow and Show. Second Place wins a £100 Kitsu Koi Gift Card, and Third Place takes a £50 Kitsu Koi Gift Card. 

The judging criteria of the Grow & Show is the overall quality of the koi, so don't worry if you haven't grown a monster. 

We are planning a 2024 Grow & Show for spring. The koi will be purchased on our 2024 Spring trip to Japan. If you have a burning desire to visit Japan and select your own koi direct from the breeder, then please get in touch and ask about our tailored trips.

Our next trip is booked for 17th November 2023 where we will be visit the breeders in the Hiroshima area, such as Matsue, Takigawa, Tamaura, Omosako, Sakai Co, Momotaro, Ueno, Okawa, Taniguchi, Sakai Fish Farm, and of course Yume Koi Japan. There are still spaces available on this trip. 


 Sakai Fish Farm transport truck Group photo of koi hobbyists at Matsue Koi Farm The fish house of Yume Koi Japan


Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas

Chris has been keeping koi for over 25 years, and dealing in koi for 15 years. Travelling to Japan to select new stocks is the favourite aspect of the business, closely followed by being on the tools pond building.

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