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Virkon Aquatic Tablets

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Each pack contains 50 x Virkon Aquatic tablets for steralising, antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal treatment of koi and garden ponds. 

Now widely recommended for disinfection against KHV. Easy dissolving pink effervescent tablets.

Virkon S for Aquaculture (now called Virkon Aquatic) which has been specifically produced for the UK aquaculture industry. It builds on the heritage of Antec Virkon S as the most proven veterinary disinfectant in the world, and has been shown, in published independent research, to have the world’s broadest range of efficacy against major fish pathogens, including ISA (Infectious Salmon Anaemia) virus and IPN (Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis) virus, even at low temperatures and high organic loads.

Virkon Aquatic provides complete pathogen control in all aspects of fish production including broodstock/hatchery, freshwater production, seawater production and all stages of processing. In addition to this proven efficacy, Virkon Aquatic has a favourable environmental profile which makes it readily approved in terms of individual farm discharge consent requirements. It also offers great operator safety, as it has no occupational exposure limits.