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February 15, 2018 2 min read

After poor weather stopped play on Day 4, today needed to be good. I wanted some koi for a Grow and Show for the shop, and also needed something for a Facebook group. Luckily I had two appointments set up, hopefully the breeders had what I wanted at the price I needed to pay! 

First stop was Shintaro, would I find the Sanke I wanted for our 2018 Grow and Show? 


Next stop was Maruhide. When I last went to Japan, Maruhide Koi Farm was ran from a couple of ponds in a garage. Now there is a decent greenhouse filled with high quality Doitsu Kohaku, Sanke, and Showa. The tosai we wanted weren't available right now, that will have to wait until April. It wasn't a wasted journey though, we got to play with the snow blower!

Next stop was a quick call to Maruhiro to mop up a couple of more unsual koi for customer orders. Maruhiro has one of the most famous ponds in Japan, after maybe the 1500 ton pond at Momotaro. 

So many huge examples in this round pond. Most koi houses are absolutely crammed with ponds, so rectangle/square ponds make more use of the space. This koi house used to belong to a hobbyist. 

Always a wide variety of koi to pick from here. 

We made a quick trip up to Koguriyama village to see Hiroi and Shinoda, but nothing here that we were looking for at this time. 

The final appointment of my week was fast approaching. I had my one Grow and Show sorted, it was time to hopefully sort the remaining! 

Quite conveniently, our last stop was close heading back to the hotel. Our appointment was with Kanno Koi Farm, famous for Goshiki and also producing prize winning Sanke too. 


Kanno Goshiki were a leading choice in a recent poll for a Passion for Koi Grow and Show, and we did the deal on behalf of the Facebook group. 

That concludes my blogs for this February trip. Keep an eye out for more details on the Grow and Show's, and we wish you good luck if you enter. 


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