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2020 All Japan Koi Show & Buying Trip

by Chris Thomas December 09, 2019 2 min read

2020 All Japan Koi Show Poster

It only feels like I've been home two minutes and already I am making the final preparations for our first Japan trip of 2020. The 51st All Japan Koi Show is held in Tokyo's Ryutsu Centre, situated a short monorail ride south of the main hustle and bustle of central Tokyo. 

All Japan Koi Show Trip

The koi show will likely feature around 2000 koi in all sizes, from 10cm to well in excess of 1 metre, in 17 size classifications, and 21 varieties. The koi on display will be the best koi most people will ever likely see, unless you go the year after as somehow the breeders always manage to produce something better! 

All Japan Koi Show Winner 2019

Our trip this year will start on January 30th, arriving in Tokyo on the Friday before the koi show opens the doors to the public. I have 4 customers who wish to do a little sight seeing around Tokyo over the course of the show weekend, something which I encourage most people to do when visiting Japan, especially if it's a one-off experience. I've spent over 4 weeks as a tourist in Tokyo collectively over the years, so getting around is almost natural to me. February, and the All Japan being based in Tokyo makes this a perfect trip if it is likely to be your only one. 

Tokyo Tower

We will spend Saturday morning and in to the early afternoon around the koi show, it really is massive and there is a lot to take in. Sunday morning will be the ceremony for the winner, which I usually stay for - I will let the customers decide on this one, with so many prizes to announce, it can be quite a wait to get to the main event. 

As the show is wrapping up, we will make our way to Ojiya, our base in Niigata for a few days. Our return flight is currently TBC, but we will spend at least 4 days driving around the breeders, finding the koi on our customers wish lists, fulfilling any orders back home, and purchasing our tosai for the spring season. 

Niigata, in February

Typically the flights in February are the lowest all year, with a trip including flights and hotel coming in around £1000-1200, this can easily be double during March/April due to the cherry blossom season. 

If you wish to join us on this trip, we do have a little space left, any serious enquiries are best emailed with your contact details or give Chris a ring on the mobile number listed on the home page of the website. 

We will run a blog while we are at the koi show with the major winners and any koi that catch my eye, 

Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas

Chris has been keeping koi for over 25 years, and dealing in koi for 15 years. Travelling to Japan to select new stocks is the favourite aspect of the business, closely followed by being on the tools pond building.

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As usual at a Niigata koi show, the weather has been awful. As I approached the show, the weather was changing, at I passed through Echigo Yuzawa, some 70km south of Niigata it as sunny, and dry. At Koide, the sun had gone and now clouds. By Ojiya it was clear the chance of rain was high. I pulled in the car park of the koi show with the windscreen wipers on! 
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Chris will be heading to Japan on the 28th March to take in the 36th All Japan Young Koi Show and buying in Niigata after the show until 8th April. 
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2019 All Japan Koi Show Trip

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This trip was very last minute, but I couldn’t miss the chance to see the 50th All Japan Nishikigoi Show, which promised to be one of the biggest ever. Normally housed in one hall of the Tokyo Ryutsu Centre (think Earls Court/NEC type venue), this year the event was staged in 3 halls. The usual hall was FILLED with vats, by moving the trade stalls in another hall, and the breeders/dealers vats to the hall below the trade stalls. This year, just short of 2000 koi were entered, from the smallest size class of 12cm and under, through to the 85cm+ sizes, a good handful, including the 101cm Grand Champion were exhibited over the 1 metre mark. New this year was a side view judging event, with small fish less than approx 20cm (not sure on the official size limit) were judged side on, in aquariums. 

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