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The 53rd All Japan Nishikigoi Show

by Chris Thomas January 09, 2023 2 min read

The 53rd All Japan Nishikigoi Show - Kitsu Koi

We're off to the worlds biggest koi show in a few weeks, and we couldn't be more excited for this trip! The 53rd All Japan Nishikigoi Show is the first big koi show we have attended since the Covid pandemic.

Our trip starts a few days before the koi show starts on the 28th and 29th January, where we will explore Tokyo with a few customers interested in Japan and the culture, as well as the koi! After the koi show, we are off to Niigata to select koi for our premises and customers. In Niigata we will visit famous breeders, such as Marudo, Torazo, Isa, Sekiguchi, Yageni, Izumiya, and more.

The All Japan Nishikigoi Show trip is a fabulous opportunity for hobbyists to travel to Japan to buy koi, and experience Japan. The koi show is held in Tokyo which allows for a few hours each day for sightseeing - enjoy fresh sushi, explore the skyscraper district, and experience Japanese nightlife. During the day, we spend a few hours at the koi show, admiring over 2000 high class koi, and especially the one koi judged to be the best koi in the world.

sakai fish farm sanke grand champion Japanese koi farm, Marusei
Sakai Fish Farm Sanke - 2022 Hiroshima Nogyosai Grand Champion Marusei Koi Farm - Just one of the breeders we will visit on our trip

The pace in Niigata is more relaxed than the Autumn trip, where multiple visits to breeders is required as new koi are harvested every day, and the breeders are exceptionally busy. In February, all the koi available are already in the heated fish houses, but the snow fall can make some breeders fairly inaccessible on some days!

We're almost at capacity for customers on this trip, but if you would like information on joining us on future trips, then Chris is always happy to explain the process, travel arrangements, and opportunities available to hobbyists.

Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas

Chris has been keeping koi for over 25 years, and dealing in koi for 15 years. Travelling to Japan to select new stocks is the favourite aspect of the business, closely followed by being on the tools pond building.

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