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Oase PondPads - High capacity moving bed media

by Chris Thomas February 22, 2020 1 min read

Oase PondPads - High capacity moving bed media - Kitsu Koi

Choosing the right filter media can be hard work, but our range is selected carefully to offer the highest performance medias at the lowest prices. 

Range of filter media available at Kitsu Koi

The latest filter media to join our line up is the Oase PondPad. Utilising technology from the water treatment industy, the Oase PondPad has an unrivaled protected surface area for bacteria to colonise. The Oase PondPad will handle more food per m3 due to it's almost porous nature. 20 litre packs will handle up to 430 grams of koi food per day for the most demanding of systems. 

Oase PondPads - Biological filter media for koi ponds

Due to the high surface area, you can either pack more in your filters or use smaller chambers, making them ultra efficient. It is designed for use in a moving bed bio chamber, and will be self cleaning when used correctly. You can see them in use at our shop. 

Oase PondPad - High capacity bio filter media for koi ponds

For further information or to order, please click Oase PondPads 20l.

Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas

Chris has been keeping koi for over 25 years, and dealing in koi for 15 years. Travelling to Japan to select new stocks is the favourite aspect of the business, closely followed by being on the tools pond building.

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