Bottom Drains & Skimmers

Bottom drains are one of the most important introductions to koi pond construction. The placement and design of the bottom drain allows the majority of fish waste and detritus to be effectively transported to the filter for removal.

At Kitsu Koi, we supply bottom drains for liner ponds and fibreglass ponds, in sizes from 2" suitable for quarantine ponds to custom made 6" for large pond systems. We keep bottom drains in stock up to 4", if you require larger fabricated items, please contact us.

Koi ponds often look better when a pond skimmer is used. Falling leaves, uneaten koi food and air bourne dusts are collected from the pond surface before they have a chance to sink and cloud the water.

Using a pond skimmer allows you to fit additional filtration to cope with stocking levels encountered in hobbyist koi ponds.

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