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3 stage 20" Pond Purifier/Dechlorinator

Conveniently packaged 3 stage water purifier with 20" filters, designed for use in aquatics, filtering tap water for koi and similar uses. 

Stage 1 uses a 5 micron moulded polypropylene moulded filter and will remove dirt, sand, iron as well as other particulates. Stage 2 is the granular activated carbon (GAC) filter, which removes chlorine and dissolved organic contaminants. The block carbon filter (CTO) is used in stage 3, and will take out any further contaminants from the water.

This unit is installed with 1/2" brass BSP threaded connections, and it also comes with 1/2" hose tail connections. Manufactured from heavy duty food grade plastics, this water purification system will provide the finest quality water for your fish. This unit also has air-bleed buttons to release a spike of pressurised air should the filters become slightly blocked.