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Aerated Bottom Drain

The Aerated Bottom Drain for a koi pond provides the best way of getting dirty pond water to a gravity fed filter such as a Nexus or Drum Filter. 

Our Aerated Bottom Drain is made of durable PVC, assuring you of it's strength and reliability - after all it's crucial it doesn't fail at the bottom of the pond. 

The direct air feed means you don't have any hose to fail, and you don't have a pipe full of stagnant water. 

The air diffuser is capable of handling 120LPM of air, but we would recommend between 20 and 60lpm so that you can see your koi without too much surface disturbance. The extra capacity is handy in case you need to add more air though. 

The Aerated Bottom Drain can be supplied for 3" or 4" pressure pipe (1" airline), and for concrete/fibreglass or liner ponds. When using with liner ponds, a clamping ring and stainless screws are provided to clamp the liner. You can use the 4" bottom drain with 110mm pipe by fitting a reducing ring.

If you love the idea of this Aerated Bottom Drain but you have already built your koi pond, then we do offer an Aerated Retro Fit Bottom Drain.