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Air Manifolds for 3/8" air lines

Air is an essential addition to koi and garden ponds. The stocking rate we have in our ponds is far higher than a natural pond, so the air we add can be thought of as life support. Air pumps are made in different sizes to suit all size ponds, and the biggest air pumps can run multiple air lines to feed air stones, aerated bottom drain membranes, and aeration in filter systems.

Our air manifolds allow you to use larger air pumps and divert air where it's needed. The manifolds are made of durable plastic with metal valves to control and balance the flow of air. 

The manifolds connect direct to the air pump using a 3/4" rubber boot (usually supplied with an air pump, but available here, Rubber Connector for Air Pump and Manifolds), with the nickel plated brass air nipples take a 3/8mm air line.

3/8" hosetails 

3/4" connection to air pump