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Aqua Source All Season Propolis

Aqua Source All Season with Bee Propolis koi food is a highly nutritious and digestible food, enriched with a natural antibiotic, bee propolis.  It is proven that Propolis has a positive influence on resistance to disease and it also helps promote good bone development and improve the lustre on koi. Feeding in Spring will help your koi build up their immune system quickly after the Winter period, thus helping to fight off infection. Regular feeding will maintain the immune system and help keep your koi healthy.

The addition of Montmorillonite Clay and PreBiotics help to cleanse the digestive tract and lower waste levels.

Can be fed above 8c. High quality ingredients and considered protein to fat ratios will help to promote rapid growth and development.

Aqua Source understand that you have chosen your Koi carefully and want to give them the very best that you can, ensuring good health, vitality and growth. Our food range has been specifically developed to meet the daily nutritional requirements of your “living jewels” , with premium quality ingredients and a range to suit every demand. All ourkoi food is produced in small batches in accordance with GMP ( good manufacturing practice) , therefore we can guarantee you are buying the best products for your Koi.

Ingredients; White Fish Meal, Krill, Propolis, Fish Oil, Montmorrillonite Clay, Brewers Yeast,Paprika, Spirulina, Minerals, Vitamins A , D , C & E,

Composition: Protein 35%, Crude Fat 7%, Crude fibre 5%, Carbohydrates 40%, ash 7%,