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Aqua Source Drum Screen Cleaner

If your drum filter is cleaning more than it should, then it's likely your drum screen is blocked with limescale deposits, algae, or biofilm. Restore the performance of your screen with Aqua Source Drum Screen Cleaner.

  • 100% Fish Safe
  • No need to remove the drum screen
  • 500ml is sufficient for 20 washes
  • Removes biofilm and stains


Aqua Source Drum Screen Cleaner is a non abrasive, safe solution to cleaning drum screens.

It is 100% fish safe and will remove biofilm build up and stains. No need to remove drum screen, it can be cleaned in situ.

Can also be used on other types of filters.

How to use;
Mix 25ml with 475 ml of hot water from a tap. Ideally , use a 500ml spray bottle and simply spray the solution onto the areas to be cleaned. Wait for 4-5 minutes and wipe with a cloth. Stubborn stains may need gentle agitation with a soft brush.

Safety information;
Wash hands after use. If swallowed, seek medical advice. Avoid contact with eyes. Store in a safe place away from children. MIld irritant R36/38 . CLP – None