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Aqua Source Hi Growth Sinking

Aqua Source Hi Growth Sinking has been specially formulated to promote rapid growth and development, with excellent body shape. The perfect protein to fat ratio also ensures lower waste levels than other higher protein foods. This also minimises fatty deposit build up around the internal organs, resulting in a healthier Koi.

The addition of Montmorillonite Clay and PreBiotics help to cleanse the digestive tract and minimise waste levels.

The sinking food prevents the frenzy that can occur when feeding your Koi, thus preventing any potential physical damage to your Koi. The more shy Koi can still feed at the bottom of the pond which is a more natural way to feed.With this food you can be assured that all of your Koi are getting the nutrition they require for healthy growth and vitality.

Aqua Source Hi Growth Sinking


white fish meal, wheatgerm, fish oil, montmorillonite clay, carotenoids.


Protein 38%, Crude Fat 9%, Fibre 6%, Carbohydrates 34%, Ash 8.5%.

Aqua Source understand that you have chosen your Koi carefully and want to give them the very best that you can, ensuring good health, vitality and growth. Our food range has been specifically developed to meet the daily nutritional requirements of your “living jewels” , with premium quality ingredients and a range to suit every demand. All our food is produced in small batches in accordance with GMP ( good manufacturing practice) , therefore we can guarantee you are buying the best products for your Koi.