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Aqua Source Sinking Wheatgerm

Aqua Source Sinking Wheatgerm can be fed all year round, but is especially ideal to feed when water temperatures are lower. The high digestibility of the ingredients ensure low waste levels, whilst added stimulants reduce the risk of infections and strengthen the immune system.

Although it is a low protein food, it contains all the essential amino acids that the koi require , thus maintaining growth throughout the year. This is because of the balance of a high quality wheatgerm and white fish meal. The addition of clay helps to cleanse the digestive tract and reduce waste levels. This is complimented with the necessary mineral and vitamin content.

Low fat levels reduce the risk of fatty deposit build up around the internal organs, thus promoting a healthier koi.

Aqua Source Wheatgerm can be fed above 6c, so it is an ideal Winter food.

Ingredients; White Fish Meal, Wheatgerm, Wheat, Soya, Clay, Paprika, Maize, Minerals.

Composition; Protein 30%, Fat 9%, Carbohydrates 39%, ash 4.9% vit A ,D,C and E.