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Black Knight Spawning Brushes

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2 brushes, each 59″ x 5.5″ (1500mm x 140mm) diameter.

If you have mature koi of each gender, they will be ready to spawn at any time from April to August.  The earliest they will spawn is temperature and daylight dependent and so a warm spring will bring the season forward and cold weather will delay it.  Koi look for somewhere suitable to lay their eggs.  In nature this will be plants, roots and filamentous algae.  Since most domestic koi ponds are devoid or short of these, either the koi will not spawn at all or they will try to spawn on the walls of the pond.  The very act of spawning is extremely energetic and so the fish are at risk of damaging themselves on the hard edges of the pond if they have nothing more suitable on which to spawn.

Spawning brushes are ideal particularly when breeding your koi have no natural plant life to spawn on.

Our koi spawning brushes are particularly important for ponds that do not have water hyacinths and other plant life that are essential to your koi’s reproduction. Each Black Knight spawning brush is approximately 59 inches (159cm) long with a diameter of 5.5 inches (14cm). They are lighter, more compact alternatives to koi spawning mats and mops. Unlike other spawning products, our koi spawning brushes are extremely easy to use.

Black Knight spawning brushes are designed to be harmless to the fish (they are soft and smooth) and to emulate plants.  Simply placing the brushes appropriately in the pond will provide a focal point for the fish that is out of harm’s way and will dramatically reduce the chances that the fish will injure themselves on the side of the pond.