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Burtons BD-300 Combi Pond Drum Filter


Precision Filtration - Captures debris down to 60 microns, ensuring crystal-clear water for your koi pond, fish pond, or ornamental pond.

Advanced Biological Filtration - Integrated bio-chamber can be used with any bio media of your choice for converting harmful ammonia and nitrites into harmless nitrates.

Fully Automatic Cleaning Mechanism - Utilises a low-wattage wash pump and motor to automatically clean the filter screen, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

User-Friendly Control Box - Features a weatherproof control box with digital display and intuitive controls for easy operation.


Exceptional Water Clarity - Provides crystal-clear water to create outstanding water features. Can be fitted with up to 2 x 20w Submersible UV's.

Effortless Filtration - Eliminates the need for manual filter cleaning, ensuring hassle-free operation.

Easy Installation - All the high quality components such as flushing pump are factory fitted, meaning you only have to connect the inlets, outlets, and waste using Eazy Connecters


Feature Specification
Screen Mesh 60 Micron

Max. Flow Rate (Gravity)

35,000 Litres per hour/ 7700 UK Gallons per hour

Max. Flow Rate (Pump Fed)

25,000 Litres per hour/5500 UK Gallons per hour 


3 x 110mm 


3 x 110mm 

Bio Chamber Capacity

100 litres of fluidised media

Wash Pump Power Consumption


Standby Power



(WHL) 658 x 740 x 1480 (MM)

Additional Product Information

- The BD-300 drum filter is suitable for both gravity-fed and pump-fed systems.

- The installation height above water level is 170 mm.

- The filter comes with a cover switch that cuts power to the drum motor and UV when the lid is lifted off.

- The BD-300 comes with a solid stainless steel drum and gears for durability and long-lasting performance.