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Cloverleaf Absolute Parasite Plus


Cloverleaf Absolute Parasite+ is a new formula that effectively kills and helps to prevent parasites it can be used in the spring and autumn to help effectively prevent seasonal parasite outbreaks, Absolute parasite+ is unaffected by water temperature.

Absolute Parasite+ is applied as a two-dose treatment to take advantage of the parasites own lifecycle Absolute Parasite+ has been scientifically formulated by blending 4 outstanding active key ingredients that are best-known for their parasitic eradicating capabilities with a stabiliser to improve effectiveness making Absolute Parasite+ possibly the most effective Parasite treatment on the market today.

Absolute Parasite+ is effective against  Parasites such as: Skin Flukes (Gyrodactylus), Gill Flukes (Dactylogyrus), Internal Worms (Nematodes) And larger Parasites such as: Anchor worm (Lernea) and Fish Lice (Argulus).

Absolute Parasite+ can be used to treat fish in ponds that contain high levels of salt unlike a lot of other parasite treatments available today.

Absolute Parasite is available in three sizes:

250g   for two treatments of  6,250L    (1,375Gal)

500g   for two treatments of 12,500L  (2,750Gal)

1000g for two treatments of  25,000L (5,500Gal)


Absolute Parasite+ will not directly cause any further stress on already infected fish but remember the earlier Parasites are detected and treated the better the chance of a complete recovery. Below is some helpful information to help you with recommended dosage each packet contains enough treatment to treat the indicated gallonage twice to complete the recommended course.

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