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Duratech Dura+ Heat Pump

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Duratech Dura+ Heat Pump Features

Duratech products are designed in Europe using quality components.

The Duratech Dura Plus Swimming Pool Heat Pumps supplied by HeatPumps4Pools have the following features:-

(the differences from the standard Duratech range are highlighted in bold)

  • High efficiency by using R410a refrigerent gas
  • COP (Coefficient of Performance) of up to 6.5
  • Operate down to -15C degrees
  • Can Heat and Cool the water
  • Dual speed fan for extra energy efficiency and reduced noise
  • Suitable for Koi ponds as well as swimming pools
  • Hot gas defrost cycle to allow operation at lower temperatures
  • Titanium heat exchanger - The use of titanium for the heat exchanger leads to efficient heat transfer without any dangers of corrosion.
  • Digital control panel on all models
  • Green UK & European compliant extra efficient refrigerant gas (R410a)
  • Plastic ABS corrosion resistant casing
  • Refrigerant gas pressure gauge
  • 2-Year parts and labour warranty
  • Designed & Built For Long Life & Reliability

Using high quality materials in the build of the Duratech Heat Pump and a titanium heat exchanger means it is practically "Bullet-Proof" to erosion from Chlorine, Bromine or Salt in the water. Also, the heat exchanger is oversized to improve efficiency and make the Duratech Heat Pump even more cost effective and great value for money.