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ECO Pond Chip Filter Media - 14 litres

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ECO Pond Chip Filter Media

Thanks to a further optimized surface structure and a diameter of now 25mm, we have succeeded in increasing the biologically activatable growth area for nitrifying, pollutant-degrading bacteria. 

The laboratory for nanostructures at the University of Bielefeld found a protected surface of 4370 m² per cubic meter at the new Eco Pondchip. It is also our goal to achieve the highest possible active bacteria population in the smallest possible space. 

As a result, considerably smaller biofilters can be produced and considerably lower costs can be achieved. Only 90 liters of Eco Pondchip are capable of biodegrading a daily feed quantity of up to 1 KG . 

Why, therefore, Several cubic meters of static biofilters? In addition to a considerably lower cost and effort compared to static biofilters, the moving bed technology guarantees a much better inflow and utilization of the surface compared to static biofilters. An undesirable channel formation, as occurs in many static biofilters over time, is also avoided with the permanently self-cleaning moving bed technology.

14 litres of ECO Pond-Chip media has a surface area of 61m2 - equivalent of 110 litres of K1.