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Evolution Aqua EvoUV +

Introducing the Evolution Aqua EvoUV+, Engineered with cutting-edge advancements, the EvoUV+ sets a new standard in UV clarifiers, delivering enhanced performance, longevity, and efficiency.

The EvoUV+ surpasses the capabilities of standard models with improved UV output, ensuring even more effective elimination of harmful bacteria, algae, and pathogens. Its advanced design extends body life compared to traditional units, providing prolonged reliability and peace of mind for pond enthusiasts and aquarists alike.

The EvoUV+ boasts a sleek and modern design, seamlessly blending into any aquatic landscape. The durable construction ensures longevity and reliability, providing peace of mind to pond enthusiasts.

One of the standout features of the EvoUV+ is its revolutionary one-piece titanium tube. With an interference fit 1mm thick tube, it is ten times thicker than other options on the market. This design ensures unparalleled durability and efficiency, maximizing UV exposure for optimal water purification. The single-tube configuration eliminates dead spots within the unit, guaranteeing thorough treatment throughout the entire water column.

Another stand out feature of the EvoUV+ is its remarkable ability to combat green water. With 1.5 times more effectiveness in clearing algae blooms, it swiftly neutralises waterborne algae, restoring clarity to your pond or aquarium. Additionally, the EvoUV+ excels at oxidising organic components, maintaining pristine water quality for your aquatic ecosystem.

Available in two models – 55 watts and 110 watts – the Evouv+ offers versatility to suit various pond sizes and filtration setups. Whether you have a modest backyard pond or a sprawling aquatic display, there's an EvoUV+ model to meet your needs.

Experience unparalleled water clarity with the Evolution Aqua EvoUV+ UV Clarifiers, Say goodbye to green water and hello to a vibrant, thriving aquatic habitat. Choose EvoUV+ for superior UV performance, extended durability, and unmatched efficiency.