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Evolution Aqua Nexus 320 Lid

The brand new lid for the Evolution Aqua Nexus 320+ is now moulded to work with all Nexus 300 series filters including the original Nexus 300, 310, 320, and the 320+, with or without the Evolution Aqua Nexus Automatic. 

The new moulding ensures a perfect fit for your Nexus. The lid comes with elasticated toggles to prevent the loss of your lid due to high winds. 

The Nexus 320+ Lid offers a tight fit to stop leaves and other airborne debris accumulating in your filter, promoting a cleaner environment for your filter bacteria and reducing the biological load from rotting vegetation. 

Using the lid will also cut down on any noise from the aeration of the biological chamber of your Nexus. The Nexus Lid also blocks UV light from the sun reaching the internal components of the Nexus, such as the air lines and air valves which increases their usable lifespan.

The bacteria responsible for converting the harmful waste from your fish prefer a dark environment. The Nexus Lid will cut down the light entering the filter, improving the performance of your beneficial bacteria. 

Made from high quality plastic, it's both light weight and durable. This makes removing and refitting for periodic maintenance a breeze, safe in the knowledge it will handle being handled without damage. 

If you're purchasing a brand new Evolution Aqua Nexus 320+, then be sure to check out the Evolution Aqua Nexus Automatic to reduce your maintenance time.