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Hanna Pocket Checker Kit - Koi Essentials

Hanna Pocket Checkers offer fast and easy testing of water quality in a koi pond. Their use of light to measure the colour change of reagents takes the guess work out of charts, and parameters are displayed in a digital format.

The Hanna Pocket Checker Kit - Koi Essentials contains the following

  • Hanna HI700 - Low Range Ammonia pocket checker
  • Hanna HI707 - Low Range Nitrite pocket checker
  • Hanna HI711 - Low Range Total Chlorine pocket checker
  • Hanna HI775 - Alkalinity (KH) pocket checker

The combination allows you to accurately check for Ammonia, Nitirite, and Total Chlorine which are all toxic to aquatic life, as well as Alkalinity, or carbonate hardness, which promotes a steady pH and healthy filter bacteria activity.

Each Hanna Pocket Checker comes complete with plastic hard case to protect your equipment, 2 glass cuvettes for zeroing the meter and testing, instruction card, batteries, and sample reagents.