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High Flow In Wall Pond Skimmer

Designed for high flow, this in wall mounted pond skimmer is fabricated to replace two 7N concrete blocks used in koi pond construction. 

With a choice of 3" or 4" outlet, this surface skimmer is ideal for feeding drum filters with large volumes of water. The skimmer comes with a lid, and can be specified for liner or fibreglass ponds. 

Skimmers can often be overlooked but the quick removal of leaves and other floating debris makes for a cleaner koi pond. Using our in wall pond skimmer, you  can increase overall pond turn over, especially combined with our range of drum filters. 

Even on an indoor pond, we find our pond skimmers give a better viewing experience of our koi, removing fine dust and other contaminants - other ponds can look quite 'dull' compared.