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JPD Fujiyama Staple Koi Food

The JPD Fujiyama Staple Diet - Koi Food is full of natural ingredients and has no artifical colouring.

This Staple Diet Koi Food from JPD is a floating pellet food that will not cloud the water unlike some other Koi foods on the market.

JPD Fujiyama Koi Food is manufactured by the same company JPD that also produce the highly rated Medicarp & Yamato Nishiki, .

Ingredients: Fish meal, Tofu, Rice husks, Corn, Wheat,Wheat chaff, Minerals & Vitamins .

Available in two sizes 5 kgs and 10 kgs bags

Japan Pet Design Company - has a history of more than 100 years in research and development of koi nutrition These products are specially formulated with all natural ingredients for improved koi health and nutrition.

JPD has developed a line of formulas for promoting healthy koi (natural immune stimulants), color enhancement, and growth. All natural Koi health food direct from Japan!