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JPD Mud Booster


JPD Mud Booster brings natural Japanese mud pond water quality and conditions to your Koi ponds.

JPD Mud Booster features:

  • Collected from mountain of the Yasawagi Oomori-Cho Yokote-shi Akita Japan (1/2 Century History)
  • 100% natural material made of montmorillonite clay mineral (no additives)
  • Granularity as small as 0.001mm making it easy to dissolve
  • Contains more than 16 kinds natural minerals

JPD Mud Booster benefits:

  • Improve water quality and soil agent
  • Absorbing the impurities in the water
  • Countermeasure for acid rain in the rainy season
  • Water becomes crystal clear
  • Koi have good digestibility
  • Koi’s colour will become deeper

How to use

Disperse 50cc/25g of JPD Mud Booster to 1 ton of water every 2 or 3 days  when necessary


Mix every 1g mud booster to 100g food of food daily

Available in 2kg and 10kg bags 

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