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JPD Shogun All Season Koi Food

Transform your Koi's health with JPD Shogun All Season Koi Food, an advanced and highly sought after choice for Koi nutrition. Within just 10 days, you will see the remarkable benefits of this food, including brighter and more vibrant colors and improved overall health. Don't miss out on this opportunity to nourish and enhance your beloved Koi!

Unlock the full potential of your koi with JPD Shogun All Season Koi Food. This food is suitable for both high and low temperatures and contains beneficial probiotics. With its highly digestible formula and super wheatgerm, this food not only nourishes but also whitens your koi. Elevate your koi's health and appearance with JPD Shogun All Season Koi Food!

JPD Shogun All Season Koi Food

This unique formulation of JPD Shogun All Season Koi Food incorporates premium wheat germ, resulting in optimal digestibility for koi.

JPD Shogun All Season koi food can be fed at low temperatures unlike normal koi foods which may lead to a lack of appetite or indigestion but Shogun All Season Koi Food has been specially fortified so that it can be used at low temperatures and still be highly digestible. Vitamin C is used in Shogun to reduce stress levels and therefore reduce the chances of disease.

Enhance your Koi's color and brighten their whites with JPD Shogun All Season Koi Food, featuring Hematococcus vegetable plankton.

Shogun has been formulated with heat resistant vitamin C, vitamin E and grape seed oil to help protect Koi from viruses, disease and oxidation all of which will help to keep the Koi looking young and vigorous. The addition of Mannose stimulates and aids the production of mucous further helping protect the skin and give a superior shine.

JPD Shogun is formulated with probiotics which reduces the waste in the water and regulate the functions of the intestines. Promote a healthier life for your koi with JPD Shogun All Season Koi Food. Our specially formulated blend of probiotics helps to reduce waste in the water and regulate intestinal function, resulting in cleaner and more balanced ponds for your beloved fish. Trust JPD Shogun to provide optimal nutrition and support for a thriving koi environment.

JPD Shogun koi food holds together until eaten and will not cloud the water. Shogun koi food is a highly digestible food and contains no artificial colouring agents. Shogun koi food is formulated with only natural ingredients to maintain Koi in good health.

JPD Shogun All Season Koi Food includes Medicarp's top-quality lactoferrin and Hemathococcus ingredients to enhance the body's natural immune function and prevent potential illnesses.

Shogun koi food Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein: Min 36%, Crude Fat: 7%, Crude Fiber: Max. 2.5%, Ash: Max 7.1%, Moisture: Max. 10%
Phosphate 0.9%, Calcium 1.3%, Sodium 0.3%

Vitamins: A 25,000 IU/Kg, D3 2000 IU/Kg, E 200 mg/Kg, C (stable) 300 mg/Kg

Shogun koi food Ingredients:

Wheat Flour, Fish Meal, Soybean meal, Cuttlefish Meal, Hemathococcus, Lactoferrin, natural Astaxanthin, Vitmains and Minerals.

JPD Shogun Health Food

Stress is one of the cause of the disease. JPD Shogun koi food is enriched with stable “Vitamin C” which reduces stress. JPD Shogun koi food protects your koi from a pathogen by an effect of “Seaweed Powder” and “Vitamin C”.

Available in 5 kg and 10 kg bags Medium Pellet 4 mm