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JPD Shori High Growth Koi Food

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JPD Shori High Growth koi Food ingredients have been carefully selected in accordance with dietary studies and JPD technology. Shori High Growth Koi Food is is formulated with high quality fish and plant protein which results in high digestibility, 

JPD Shori High Growth Koi Food is a high protein, low ash food, where the ash is digested slowly due to the high quality fish meal.

JPD Shori High Growth Koi Food contains a combination of astaxanthin and vitamin c helps to maintain the bold red and bright white colouring of the koi, resulting in a perfectly shiny body.Shori High Growth Koi Food has been specially formulated with probiotics which will help to reduce waste in the water and regulate the function of the intestine.

JPD Shori Koi pellets hold their shape well and as a result help to maintain a high water quality.

Analysis:  Protein 45.0% / Fat 8.0% / Fiber 2.5% / Ash 8.5% / Phosphate 1.0% / Calcium 1.5% / Sodium 0.4% / Astaxanthin 16.0 mg/kg