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Koi Pro Drum Filter 30,000

The Koi Pro Drum 30,000 is a low-maintenance filter system that ensures healthy, clear water with low maintenance, without the need for daily user maintenance.

The T.I.P. pump which is a self-priming jet garden pump with a stainless steel pump housing and on-off switch that is suitable for use under the harshest conditions.

A built-in immersion UVC ensures crystal clear water and keeps algae growth under control. The UVC is placed under the drum and is therefore safely shielded from view.

A Hi Flow Screen panel to filter small dirt particles out of the water by mechanical filtration.

The control box for connecting all electrical equipment and controlling the filter pump, UVC, electric motor and high pressure rinsing pump.


• Installation as Gravity or Pump-fed Drum Filter

• Compact design Dimensions 84.5 x 48 x 51 cm

• 2 inlets 110mm and 2 outlets 110mm

• Built-in UVC 40W High Output • Supplied with Brass spray nozzles

• Supplied with Tip cleaning pump

• Supplied with high-flow sieve panel

• Electric motor protected with automatic slip clutch

Available for both gravity and pump fed pond systems.