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LINN Profi Automatic Fish Feeder

At last! LINN has developed an alternative to clockwork feeders! The LINN-Automatic Feeder has many applications, including: Fry feeding, Feeding of koi and ornamental fish, Hobby ponds - At an unbeatable price!

The special mechanism of the new feeder has been taken from the established Profi Automatic Feeder, a success for many years. This mechanism ensures that the food is delivered to the fish in the required quantities, intact, and without dusting. The food is delivered by a `portioning finger`, which is driven by a 230V geared motor. The feeding rate is about 100g per minute- according to the feed quality and size. The feeder can accept sizes from fry feed up to 9mm.

This Profi Feeder is deliverable in standard version for 230V. The current drain of the Feeder (gear motor and feeding timer) is 1 A per day.  The module and battery are housed in a robust, weatherproof casing, and only need to be connected to the Feeder with the cable supplied.

The problems and disadvantages of clockwork feeders, where humidity causes the feed to stick together and go mouldy, are solved. Feeding is programmed to take place intermittently as required. Thus fish don´t stay below clockwork feeders which feed continuously.

The hopper capacity is 5 kg, so can store enough for several days, and the feed level is visible from outside. For convenience, the lid is attached by a hinge to the hopper.

A stainless-steel ring cradle (length 25cm) is included.

LINN has developed a completely new timer (at the end of the 10 cable) for this feeder. This enables feeds to be set to the second. The clock has been designed to be user- friendly. With a main button and the button “+“ or “–“, all feeds can bet set quickly and easily. It is only necessary to set the start and end of feeding, the required number of feeds, and the total feeding time (minutes or seconds) per day. The feeding programme is then created automatically! This timer control offers the convenience of being able to take into account growth of the fish and raise the feed ration, daily, accordingly. It couldn´t be more convenient!