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Oase Alfafol PVC Pond Liner

The Oase Alfafol PVC pond liner offers an affordable, easy, and reliable product for lining garden ponds, water features, koi ponds, and many more projects. 

It's 0.5mm thickness allows it to be flexible to use in almost any shape pond or water feature, whilst also being durable. Oase offer a 15 year warranty on the Alfafol PVC pond liner, a sign of its quality. 

Every effort has been made to produce an eco friendly pond liner. Oase Alfafol is made from recycled rubber and cadmium PVC. Although recycled, it's guaranteed fish safe. Alfafol PVC pond liner is resistant to heat, and uv light for longevity. 

Should your PVC liner be damaged, PVC is an easy material to repair. It's easy also easy to join to other pieces of liner, or pipe fittings such as our Standard Bottom Drain or PVC Pressure Tank Connector, useful when hiding pipe inlets below the water.

The Oase Alfafol PVC Pond Liner comes in pre-packaged sizes up to 8m x 6m, so you can create any size, beautiful water features in your garden. 

We recommend the use of a heavy duty underlay to prevent puncture from stones or plant roots. 

If you're not sure how much pond liner you need, check out our Pond Liner Calculator