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Oase Dynamix Flakes Young Fish

  • DYNAMIX Flakes are easily digestible and contain everything that small and young fish need for healthy development. Salmon oil gives energy and vitality, whilst the essential omega-3 fatty acids increase the temperature tolerance of the fish. This, therefore, helps build up immune strength, defences and promotes even growth.
  • FISH TARGET GROUP: For keeping and breeding small and young fish
  • LIGHT FOOD: The delicate flakes quickly soften in the water, making them easy for the small mouths of the fish and to eat and then digest
  • A HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM AND IMMUNE DEFENCE: Rich in essential omega-3 fatty acids, the flakes increase the temperature tolerance of the fish and promote even growth
  • ENERGY AND VITALITY: Salmon oil gives young fish a sense of life and vitality
  • DYNAMIX EFFECT NO. 1: Valuable omega-3 fatty acids serve as important building blocks for natural, beautiful growth
  • DYNAMIX EFFECT NO. 2: Supporting a balanced intestinal flora with rich, prebiotic dietary fibres promotes a strong immune system
  • DYNAMIX EFFECT NO. 3: The addition of AminoBoost enables the optimal utilisation of the rich protein supply for vitality in fish, and helps ensure clear pond water