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Dynamix Koi Pellet Large

  • DYNAMIX Koi Pellets Large is a balanced, basic food, for koi from 20 cm in body length. The superfood pellets contain spirulina, soybean meal and fermented red rice to support the growth of graceful, healthy fish with brilliant, intensely bright colours and patterns.
  • SUPERFOOD PELLETS: Pellets with spirulina, soybean meal and red rice are particularly good for koi and support growth and colour intensity
  • FISH TARGET GROUP: For larger koi from 20 cm in body length
  • DYNAMIX EFFECT NO. 3: The addition of AminoBoost enables the optimal utilisation of the rich protein supply for vitality in fish, and helps ensure clear pond water
  • DYNAMIX EFFECT NO. 2: Supporting a balanced intestinal flora with rich, prebiotic dietary fibres promotes a strong immune system
  • DYNAMIX EFFECT NO. 1: Valuable omega-3 fatty acids serve as important building blocks for natural, beautiful growth
  • BRILLIANCE AND INTENSITY: Natural, aquatic pigments are used by the fish for colour intensity, contrasting patterns and dazzling colours