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Dynamix Super Mix

The Super Mix that makes all fish happy – including small or large fish with natural or red pigmentation and majestic koi: With the varied mixture of flakes, sticks and pellets (size small), each of the fish in the mixed pond will find a nutrient-rich supply that completely suits their needs and supports them in growth, vitamin absorption, scale formation and colour intensity. Of course, the Super Mix also has the concentrated power of the DYNAMIX triple effect. It ensures that pond inhabitants have even growth, a strong immune system and a balanced metabolism. These effects mean the pond water remains clear.

  • DYNAMIX Super Mix is an excellent choice for ponds containing various species. From small or large fish with natural or red pigmentation to majestic koi, every pond resident will find a varied, prebiotic range of nutrients that fits their needs and supports their growth, vitamin intake, scale growth and colour intensity.
  • FISH TARGET GROUP: For all ornamental fish and koi in mixed ponds
  • DYNAMIX EFFECT NO. 1: Valuable omega-3 fatty acids serve as important building blocks for natural, beautiful growth
  • DYNAMIX EFFECT NO. 2: Supporting a balanced intestinal flora with rich, prebiotic dietary fibres promotes a strong immune system
  • DYNAMIX EFFECT NO. 3: The addition of AminoBoost enables the optimal utilisation of the rich protein supply for vitality in fish, and helps ensure clear pond water
  • THE BEST MIX: Small fish, ornamental fish with natural or red pigmentation, koi: All pond inhabitants enjoy the Super Mix of Flakes, Sticks and Pellets (size: small)
  • THE FOOD WITH PEP: Thanks to its prebiotic properties, pepper helps improve the absorption of vitamins and minerals
  • BRILLIANCE AND INTENSITY: Natural, aquatic pigments are used by the fish for colour intensity, contrasting patterns and dazzling colours