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Oase Filtral Fountain Kit inc T-piece

New for 2019 - Oase Filtral Nozzle kit.


The kit can be used to attach to the top of the 2019 model Filtrals to create a decorative fountain.

The set includes 3 different nozzles that will create various spray patterns. Also included is a telescopic riser to enable an easy height adjustment and a simple to use flow valve for regulation of fountain water flow.


The Nozzle kit screws easily into place and the fountain head has clips in place for the optional use of the Filtral Aeration kit (sold Separately)



Telescopic Riser : 140mm - 270mm adjustment

Vulkan Fountain Nozzle

Lava Fountain Nozzle

Magma Fountain Nozzle

Flow Tap Valve

Adjustable Ball end